A Safe Bet - Bullet, Blast, and Forced Entry Resistant Products

In this one-hour course, design professionals will learn about anti-ballistic technology, specifically fiberglass panels, windows, doors, and other products, that are used to protect a building’s occupants from weapons, impact, and explosives. It will discuss standards and testing for these products, as well as different material options. By the end of this course, design professionals will be able to evaluate anti-ballistic products and apply their new knowledge to specify their use in a wide variety of projects.

Learning Objectives: 
  1. Define the four different types of resistance technologies that are used to protect occupants from weapons, impact, and explosives
  2. Identify the organizations that create standards and testing for resistance technologies to ensure these products are capable of securing the building in the event of an attack
  3. Evaluate anti-ballistic products, specifically panels, windows, and doors, on their durability and safety
  4. Apply knowledge of anti-ballistic technology and specify products to promote safe environments
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(13) Special Construction
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