Paint 201: Practical Solutions and Problem Solving

Paint 201: Practical Solutions and Problem Solving

Classification of paints, Factors affecting curing, Comparisons between latex and alkyd coatings, Surface preparation and priming techniques, and Causes and solutions for common paint problems.

Learning Objectives: 
  1. List the physical and environmental properties of latex and alkyd coatings in terms of their advantages and disadvantages and specify the appropriate paint accordingly
  2. Identify causes of common paint failures such as blistering and mold, and implement solutions to correct current problems and prevent future issues that could lead to health and safety concerns
  3. Classify paints based on their resin types and curing mechanisms and explain how temperature, air movement, relative humidity, and dew point affect the curing process
  4. Explain the different types of preparation and priming techniques required for various substrates in order to prevent premature coating failure Discuss three reasons why people paint and determine paint color and finish based on project requirements and creating aesthetically pleasing and comfortable environment for the client
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