Acme Brick Company

The Acme Brick Company logo is stamped onto select residential brick for very specific reasons. When you see the Acme name, you can be sure that the brick are:

Hard-fired for lasting strength. The presence of the Acme name indicates that the brick are made from premium clay and hard-fired in computer-controlled kilns at temperatures that often exceed 1,800 degrees. The result is a brick that will outlast your mortgage and will stay beautiful without having to be painted, sealed, or maintained in other ways.
Tested for durability and safety. The Acme name is your assurance that the brick on the home exceed the specifications included in all local building codes.
American-made by an American-owned company. Acme owns 26 brick plants in the central and southeastern United States.
Backed with one of the strongest commitments in the industry: Acme's pacesetting 100 Year Limited Guarantee for Homebuyers.