Regupol America LLC

Over 65 years ago, German company REGUPOL BSW GmbH put a new spin on tires — a sports and fitness spin. They invented the technology to recycle tires into rubber flooring that forever changed the fitness world. The process was quintessential German engineering, innovation, precision, and performance. In the lab, the REGUPOL scientists called it Recycled Gummi Polymer — but for decades, sports and fitness enthusiasts worldwide have called it by the acronym synonymous with performance – REGUPOL®!

Today, working with REGUPOL gets you much more than just recycled rubber flooring. Because we’ve been working with the technology since day one, you benefit from decades of experience and the expertise that only we can offer. That means the right information, advice, and answers when you need them. Along with products that have been refined, tested and retested over the years by our R&D team to deliver precision performance that will not disappoint. It is all accomplished with manufacturing to the highest quality standards, according to the strictest environmental requirements. And customer service that can only be provided with the beaming pride of the inventor.