Portland, OR - Tuesday June 7, 2022


Portland, OR

Event Date
Tuesday June 7, 2022

7:30 am - 5:30 pm

Available Credits

Up to 8 AIA HSW/LU CE Hour(s)
Up to 3 GBCI General Hour
Portland English Language Academy (PELA)
2007 Lloyd Center
Portland, OR 97232
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Event Agenda

Tuesday, June 7, 2022

7:30 am

8:00 am

Designing with Commercial/Industrial Insulated Metal Wall Panels
Sponsored By Metl-Span
Presented By Michael Naughton
1 AIA HSW/LU CE Hour(s)

This course focuses on design considerations when using commercial/industrial insulated metal wall panels. Panel characteristics, market segments, paint and textured finishes, coatings, design options including integration with other materials, interior wall finishes, flashings and extrusions are all reviewed.

Learning Objectives:
  1. Comprehend why IMPs are ideally suited for pre-engineered buildings (PEMBs)
  2. Discuss structural elements and building code considerations for (PEMBs)
  3. Understand the characteristics that best describe commercial/industrial insulated metal panels (IMPs)
  4. Understand the design options for commercial/industrial IMPs
  5. Visualize the installation process of IMPs, including flashings and sealants
  6. Recognize the factors affecting panel spans, and the relationship of these factors to structural supports

9:10 am

Gate Operators: UL 325 and ASTM F2200 Standards Safety Review
Sponsored By Chamberlain Group
Presented By Brandon Greer
1 AIA HSW/LU CE Hour(s)
1 GBCI General Hour

Define the UL 325 and ASTM F2200 Standards and their importance, list the different types of gates available and the types of gate operators that are used to maneuver them.

Learning Objectives:
  1. Identify the types of gate operators that are used to maneuver the various gates that are available
  2. Explain how to identify entrapment zone's, and how to place entrapment protection devices to meet the standards, as well as explain the difference between monitored and non-monitored entrapment protection devices
  3. Define the requirements of the UL 325 and ASTM F2200 standards as they apply to gate and gate operator installations
  4. Define the type's of gates that are available in today's market place

10:20 am

Concrete Tile Roofing: The World's Most Sustainable and Energy Efficient Roof System - Update
Sponsored By Eagle Roofing
Presented By David Vallas
1 AIA HSW/LU CE Hour(s)
1 GBCI General Hour

In this one hour course, we will take an in-depth look at the sustainability and energy efficient attributes of concrete tile roofing, including the near zero-waste manufacturing process, life-cycle cost and performance versus temporary asphalt shingle roofing as well as the installation process which enhances the inherent thermal mass

Learning Objectives:
  1. Discuss how the versatility of concrete tile roofing combined with its durability makes it one of the most sustainable roofing products available
  2. Consider the value of products composed of a small number of raw materials that are sustainable, including some recycled materials
  3. Review the near zero waste manufacturing process of concrete roof tiles from the introduction of raw materials to the finished product
  4. Compare and contrast an installation method that exploits the air permeable characteristics of concrete tile roofs versus temporary roofing materials
  5. Identify key performance characteristics of concrete tile roofing including wind and hail resistance
  6. Analyze the longevity, durability, and overall life cycle cost analysis of concrete roof tile compared to asphalt shingles, wood shakes, slate, and metal
  7. Confidently specify concrete tile roofing as an alternative to slate, metal, wood shakes, and temporary asphalt shingles
Eagle Roofing

11:30 am

Rolling Door Systems
Sponsored By Raynor Garage Doors
Presented By Zdenek Kalabza
1 AIA HSW/LU CE Hour(s)

This course covers the different types of rolling commercial doors, their application, features, available options, and safety considerations.

Learning Objectives:
  1. Understand different types of coiling doors and their benefits in relations to Health, Welfare, and Safety
  2. Understand the key components of coiling doors and their role in the overall performance of the system
  3. Select the proper options that can farther enhanced the performance and usability of the system
  4. Select the proper method of operation based on the size and type of door used
Raynor Garage Doors

12:00 pm

1:00 pm

Security Pass-Thru Combinations
Presented By Wade Arnold
1 AIA HSW/LU CE Hour(s)

The course teaches about bullet resistant and secure pass thru windows and equipment to keep employees safe in hospitals, banks, pharmacies and all public domains. The course will instruct upon the varying levels of bullet resistant protection, anti-theft, various window tints, shades and security levels.

Learning Objectives:
  1. Define & clarify the types of bullet resistant protection levels.
  2. Evaluate & recognize where and when to specify security windows and pass thru devices.
  3. Specify correct products to support the design criteria.
  4. Distinguish the differences of fire-rated applications along with added security measures and how they overlap.
Specialty Fenestration Group

2:10 pm

Sponsored By Homasote
Presented By Marcus Ward
1 AIA HSW/LU CE Hour(s)
1 GBCI General Hour

In this one-hour course, design professionals will gain practical knowledge of sound control and the many health and safety benefits it has for architects, builders, and occupants. It will discuss building code criteria and guidelines, including strategies to meet these requirement through various methods.

Learning Objectives:
  1. Discuss how sound control can help reduce noise pollution, sleep disturbances, litigation costs and privacy issues for building occupants and owners
  2. Review building code criteria and guidelines including the International Building Code (IBC) and International Residential Code (IRC) to address sound control issues that affect building occupants
  3. Describe sound control strategies to alleviate noise-induced sound damage by utilizing mass, decoupling, absorption, acoustical sealant, and other design methods
  4. Examine sound control design methods for walls and floors using sustainable, mold-resistant fiberboards made from recycled materials

3:20 pm

Presented By Doug Twyford
1 AIA HSW/LU CE Hour(s)
1 GBCI General Hour

In this one-hour course, we will explore how accordion doors, hardwood rolling counter doors, and space saving doors can help design professionals create a secure and elegant space. We discuss design strategies, ADA compliance, LEED v4 credits, and how these doors can benefit building occupants and owners.

Learning Objectives:
  1. Discuss how to integrate accordion doors as space management tools for residential and commercial projects and how they can benefit building occupants
  2. Describe how accordion doors and hardwood rolling counter doors can help design professionals create a secure and elegant workspace
  3. Review door options for space management, ADA compliance, durability, and aesthetic appeal for building occupants and owners
  4. Explain how rolling counter doors using FSC certified wood may contribute to LEED v4 and how doors can contribute to sustainable design projects
Woodfold Manufacturing, Inc.

4:30 pm

Steep Slope Roofing: Choices and Design
Sponsored By IKO Industries Ltd.
Presented By Tim Leavey
1 AIA HSW/LU CE Hour(s)

This course will discuss residential steep slope roofing. Topics covered will be history, terminology, advantages, and available choices. The course will also discuss design considerations both above and below the roof deck, optimizing service life, and construction details that are critical to the roof’s performance.

Learning Objectives:
  1. Understand the advantages and disadvantages of various steep slope roofing products
  2. Understand the design considerations that will minimize performance problems and the design elements that relate to preventing condensation and mold/algae growth
  3. Understand the key aspects of application that lead to optimal performance
IKO Industries Ltd.
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